Behind the scenes

Right behind the scenes: one (facebook) group of powerful women: „The BW daddies calendar 2015“. All of the group members worked together. Such a commitment to finalize the calendar! We made a great job, ladies!

Credits for  personal photographer

Maria Herzog / Herzog Fotografie/ The Dukes – Babywearingphotography

Photographer from Berlin, specialised on babywearing- and familyphotography.  She is also a student of business communication, so she took care of the social media marketing.

Danijela Richter / Danijela Richter Fotografie

Photographer from near of Regensburg, who travelled long distanes through Germany to photograph the families for this calendar. She has a great eye for atmospheric pictures and loves capture special moments of children, families and babywearers of course.

Credits for our personal copywriter

Sabrina Sailer / Sabrina Sailer PR, Marketing & Text

As a texter and  ghostwriter she creates web content and is always open to new ideas and exciting projects that serve a good propose.

Credits for our personal genius for organization 

Simone Henke / Organisationstalent 

She was responsible for the projectmanagement and organisation, for the contact to our publishing house and the tax consultant, for the legal framework and compliance with the deadline. You can also say: everything important in the background.

Credits for … all the great wrap developer, producer and wrap-fashionistas

Lots of wrap producers supported us in a special way: they donated little giveaways that we raffled through the Facebookpage or – and we are absolutely thankfull about this – donated wraps directly to Tragepaten.